The term Agent of the Void is applied to any creature which has been completely suborned by the Void.

Origin of the TermEdit

Upon first contact with Agents of the Void, a push was made to sort through the potential terms that could be applied. While other terms do still see use throughout both the Perseus Cluster and Known Space, that which is most commonly used by Purifiers and other agents of the Church of the Stars is Agent of the Void. This came to be applied primarily to avoid confusion with companies bearing the word "Void" within their registered tradenames and other possible overlaps with existing titles within the Perseus Cluster. As has been made clear following first contact with personnel of the Tinris World Navy of Known Space, there have been other similar instances of Void incursion, though it is unclear whether these are associated to the same Void that seeks expression within the Perseus Cluster.

Spread of AgencyEdit

With the term Agent of the Void established, and in the absence of further information regarding the methodology by which one becomes an Agent the further corrolary term Agency was coined to describe what most consider to be an infection or possession by the driving force of an Agent. To date, no further information exists on how Agency is spread, though basic quarantine protocols (identification, isolation, purgation, vigilance) have proven effective to 99%.

Hypothetical methods for the spread of Agency have included or currently include:

  • Airborne particulate or viral load;
  • Memetic ideological spread, similar to post-hypnotic suggestion or subliminal dissemination;
  • Physical contact with an Agent;
  • Contact with bodily fluids of an Agent.

Effects of AgencyEdit

While a comprehensive workup of the full physiological, psychological and spirital impact of Agency is not available at this time, see Agents in Captivity below, the following are categorically known and provable effects of Agency:

  • Loss of full emotional range in the Agent, though confabulation allows the Agent to appear fully emotional to facilitate infiltration;
  • Conversion of bodily fluids to a uniform black ichor;
  • Ability to generate a subvocal tone when speaking that allows for greater intimidation in the listener.