XHS Arcadia (EL-14) is an Elysium class capital ship of the Persean Concord Navy. Believed lost, it was relocated and retaken by the Tinris World Navy at Xephspace.

On 771/1,523/Promise, Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon - having the full blessing of Admiral of the 3rd Transheart Fleet Isidora Kieran, recommisions the vessel and re-registers her as the WNS Arcadia's Revenge.


Originally shipping out from the Naval yard at Adsernaan on 14 Pecasbew 14,195, XHS Arcadia passed space trials with a Meritorious Commendation for facility with a new vessel. She was dispatched without further delay on 14 Josiara 14,196 to the Dark Heart of Space under the command of Captain Tanya Raisel to complete shakedown en route. While en route, the Arcadia encountered and destroyed a Blightstriker attempting to enter Tromeria system from the Dark Heart. This victory bolstered morale and the Arcadia proceeded through the Heart without further incident.

Upon completion of transit, she effected standard repairs with XHS Concordia on 24 Josiara 14,196 before moving into a defensive posture in-system to provide cover for ships more capable of enduring the conditions found within Known Space.