Barnatím Lawgiver, currently written as Barnatim and also called Chaosbane, Voidshaper and Oathbinder. is the Orcish Patron deity and chief deity of Law on Tinris.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

The Lawgiver is said to have aided in the stabilization of the swirling chaos of the before time, His hand present in the creation of the world. While not factual, neither Barnatím nor Ilfander have spoken out against this belief. The first Law of Tinris “All people shall have a Patron.” was, given by the Lawgiver and it was this Law that allowed Patronage of the races. It was also this Law that called into existence the Human deity, who shall be detailed later. Voidshaper is also the deity of engineers and craftspeople, working with one’s hands to bring shape to the shapeless is a sacrament.

Barnatím’s rites, as one might imagine, involve a reading of Laws. Each session of court or legislature is called with an invocation to the Lawgiver. Clerics of Barnatím most often wear the robes of their office – complete with gavel hanging from a belt loop. Non-judicial clerics wear similar robes but with a specific green embroidery around the cuffs and hems to indicate their calling, such clerics still carry gavels as their holy symbols.

Barnatím Lawgiver is a Lawful Neutral Major Deity. His portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Orcs, judges, barristers, engineers. Domains: Law, Artifice, Strength,Glory. Barnatím’s holy symbol is the gavel, and His favored weapon is the warhammer.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Barnatím are often fairly lengthy and refined: “By the patience and perseverence of the Lawgiver, which is patience and perseverence that I and mine share, we do invite, embody and invoke this patience and perseverence that is shared both by our Patron and ourselves in order that we may see through this time of challenge.” “By, for and of the Law, the light of reason shine upon you and bring you peace and comfort.” “By the Oathbinder’s unbroken Law!” Ed: this last being perhaps the shortest and most vulgar utterance an Orc will actually say aloud in polite company.

Courtrooms, meeting halls and other places of the legislature are all sacred to the followers of Barnatím. The ornate architecture of these structures is a work of worship and great respect for the faithful, and inordinate amounts of care and devotion are given in the construction process of such. Most common in these structures is the large octagonal gathering area, eight being the most sacred number of the Lawgiver.

The Lawgiver’s avatar is one of pure light and spinning mathematical information in the Orcish language, Law made manifest. His voice is always clear and carries the weight of judgement. It is said that He speaks only with those who choose the vocation of a judge, even if that individual is not yet aware of that decision. Barnatím’s clerics are almost exclusively judges, and thus it seems to follow that He would speak with those who make and enforce the Law.

His Herald Messenger is an Axiomite named Lawforger who followed him after a brief passage through Golarion’s realm of Axis.