Boost, in reference to a racial identity, is the Galactic Standard word applied to any species to undergo a fully recursive program of racial uplifting. Most members of such a race refer to themselves as "Boost species name" or "Boost species nickname". See Partial List of Successful Boost Species for further information.


While the word uplift refers to the process, most Perseans use the word Boost as a proper noun to refer to such a race or individual. This terminology was adopted during the early Tiausbat Era to avoid confusion of the verb uplift with the product thereof.

Citizenship StatusEdit

Boosts, by Concord law, are considered Sponsored Concord Citizens for the first millenium of their species existence. After this period, all members of that race qualify for full citizenship with all rights and responsibilities thereof.


While the Yazri are the most well-known practitioners of racial uplifting, other races have a long and generally positive experience with uplifting their sponsored uplifts. Some argue that Humanity was a Boost race originally, though with the current galactic political environment being as it is the Human identity has sloughed off this concept and truly stepped out into their own racial identity.

The first documented Yazri Boost race to not only accept, but embrace, the identity of Boost would be the Muiustor. During the initial steps of galactic expansion through Step Gates, a species of fauna (Muiusto) local to world designated Lusmerir Prime proved exceptionally resilient to the environmental conditions of not only their native world but also to the environs of space travel aboard Imperial ships and transplantation on other worlds. It was thus determined by scientists of the First Noble Expeditionary Fleet that this race would be the first to undergo the at the time recently developed Uplift Protocols.

Under the guidance of Head of Research Bioonkat, a series of genetic modifications were undertaken. With the rapid growth to maturity of the Muiusto species, this process went much more quickly than anticipated, and by the time of the arrival of the Third Noble Expeditionary Fleet 40 years after the First Noble Expeditionary Fleet's unintentional marooning, the first steps toward racial cohesion of the Muiustor people were already well underway.

A series of subsequent uplift projects yielded mixed, though generally positive, results. In the ensuing millenia to date, a total of 904 Boost species have been successfully uplifted.

Partial List of Successful Boost SpeciesEdit