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Honors and Awards:

Admiralty Citation for Valor, Mozdanhorzon Starburst


Lost in combat actions, Battle of Nexspace

WNS Bright Star (MD-01) - formally The Glorious Last Scion of the Tinrisian World Navy, Bright Star, or more commonly Bright Star - was a Bright class vessel of the Tinris World Navy. She is the lead ship of the Bright class. At the time of her destruction her CO was Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon. She was destroyed during combat maneuvers in the Battle of Nexspace, lost with all hands aboard. It is believed that the nuclear explosion which destroyed her was intentional, based upon a thorough review of tactical video footage captured during the battle.


Originally a living acorn from a mysterious planet-sized tree - the Baontree - the Bright Star gained full sentience and a sense of purpose when the crew of the Final Fond Farewell - Ilfandra Dalerunner, Barnatim Lawseeker, Hafesh Greenbeard and Tovar Moondragon - passed through Baonspace on their way to what would shortly thereafter become Tinrisspace. This being one of the first true miracles performed by the then mortal Dalerunner on her way to apotheosis, the nascent intelligence swore fealty immediately.

Original Mission ParametersEdit

Commisioned by the Tinrisian Pantheon at large, and Ilfandra Dalerunner in specific, the Bright Star was designated a special project by the last admiral of the Tinrisian World Navy in the twilight years of the Era of Legends. She was sent forth to gather intelligence and continue whatever diplomatic relations she herself deemed necessary. Additionally, the Bright Star was to allow a pre-determined passage of time before recruiting a crew to return to Tinris and relight the spark of Tinrisian spelljamming.


Scion Ship Bright Star logo

First tour under Admiral Mozdanhorzon.Edit

During the Era of Law, the Bright Star encountered and subsequently recruited a dwarven adventurer on the world of Elfspire during routine resupply. As the tale goes, original impressions were tense but relations quickly warmed and Mozdanhorzon, Ismek Vanegas and a rogue Modron self-designated as G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11 boarded and were accepted by Bright Star as crew.

Upon departing Spirespace, she 'jammed at best possible speed for Tinrisspace, though resupply precipitated a stop in Grayspace. During this routine resupply, the crew met and began diplomatic negotiation with a clan of Oerthian Gnomes. In short order, it was determined that one of their clan, a younger wizard named Gnimish, was to join them as a good faith gesture.

As the Bright Star reentered Tinrisspace for the first time in several millenia, the Law of Quid Pro Quo made itself manifest in the form of a fae creature. Specifically, the pixie Oracle who identified herself simply as Quid Pro Quo. Through this creatures intervention, the ship was used as a gravitic whip to complete the final decay of Drariso's orbit and the subsequent liberation of the bound deity Moondragon - though this liberation would not be achieved for several Tinrisian months.

On touching down in Fawdant, the world's only remaining - albeit dormant - spaceport, the crew were met by a very excited envoy of diplomats and clergy. Among these were Father Au of the Barnatim faith and the head of the Tealeaf Trading Family, Sumack Tealeaf - actually Ilfandra Dalerunner incognito. With relative facility, negotiations between the crew, the Bright Star herself and these dignitaries achieved the end goal of Bright Star's original mission. A rekindling of the Tinrisian World Navy and a return to Wildspace. An on-world mission was accepted and the crew departed for the Ordocar Valley on an urgent - though lost to the historical record - task.

It was during this excursion that the Ordocar Paladin, Brother Joshua Haverson, joined the crew as Executive Officer and G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 Internal Structure Channel 11 reincarnated postmortem as a Gnome, the first true Tinrisian Gnome since the Fae Incursion. She chose to shorten her moniker to simply Goh at this time. With this mission suitably completed and the mettle of their character proven, Mozdanhorzon was officially named Admiral in Ordinary of the Tinris World Navy and significant capital was entrusted to them with the charge to establish a foothold by acquiring a number of spelljamming ships with which to rebuild the long forgotten World Navy.

Though mostly uneventful, the crew's official first tour together continued the trend of recruiting and diversification. An aasimar warrior by the name of Aika Coppergate joined the crew in Refugespace, an Arcane stronghold in the Inner Arcane Flow. Negotiations between the Admiral and the Arcane Trading Consortium were quite satisfactory, and a handful of vessels were acquired, including the Cuttle Command Ship Dalerunner's Blessing and several other vessel whose designations and types have been lost to history.

These ships, along with the Bright Star returned to Tinrisspace to be met with the great approval of their sponsors.