Carisar is and has been the capital of the Halfling race and one of the principle cities of the Orytonian continent since the Era of Dawntime.


Carisar, now Tenigo Carisar, is the Tinrisian Halfling word for Capital - with Tenigo being the Halfling word for Found.


Since its foundation in the Era of Dawntime, Carisar has represented the heart of Halfling civilization. The fecundity of its populace has ensured a consistent expansion and a certain sense of destined landholding.


Tenigo Carisar Arcology and its satellite communites were destroyed in an act of terrorism. Due to preparations already underway, two million refugees were able to escape the devastation aboard the WNS Bright Hope, which was subsequently dispatched by Advanced Insphere Transit Drive to Isaacsphere to gain distance from further sabotage.