Colloquially referred to as The CSDA (SEES-dah) or, less charitably, The Axiarchy (short for Axiomatic Anarchy), this is the region including B'sesuat Arcology at Tinris' north pole, along with the surrounding Tangential Region - most commonly called The Tangent. Government - Consociationalist. Due to the social integration inherent in The Grand Experiment of B'sesuat Arcology - the world's first fully racially integrated Arcology - the pressures of a multi-racial and multi-faith government began to take their toll within a few years of the Experiment. In true Tinrisian spirit, a gathering of the most prominent figures within each community was called to address this issue, and within the span of one year, a consociationalist structure began to take form. While it has been an ongoing work in progress, recent polls indicate a 87% satisfaction rate among the populace. Each race represented within the country elect their leaders by popular vote and are entitled to elect one representative per 1,000,000 people - minimum one representative. Foundation - Founded as the second Great Arcology during the Era of Reunification, B'sesuat was dedicated to the spirit of Tinrisian cooperation. As such, its population makeup has been carefully controlled from the onset to include a balanced racial representation of all peoples of Tinris. With the return to Wildspace brought by the previous Era, B'sesuat is also the primary Arcology for non-native Tinrisians with permanent resident status. Population - 2,000,195,255 as of recent census of permanent residents and ongoing data accretion. Of these, 2,000,000,000 reside within B'sesuat Arcology proper at any time and the remaining 195,255 reside within the Tangential Region. Population density within the Arcology is divided as follows: 10% Tinrisian Native Halfling (37.22% male, 62.78% female), 10% Tinrisian Native Elf (59.10% male, 40.90% female), 10% Tinrisian Native Human (52.76% male, 47.24% female), 10% Tinrisian Native Orc (51.02% male, 49.98% female), 10% Tinrisian Native Gnome (69.96% male, 30.04% female), 10% Tinrisian Native Fey - as allowed by the Law of Fey Incursion - (30.04% male, 69.96% female), 10% Non-traditional Intelligent Individuals - typically Tinrisian Native NIU's, though also representative of other forms of artificial, synthetic or otherwise non-traditionally thinking creatures (*****insert information here****) 2.5% Offworld Halfling (59.02% male, 40.98% female), 2.5% Offworld Elf (61.95% male, 38.05% female), 2.5% Offworld Human (50.05% male, 49.95% female), 2.5% Offworld Orc - inclusive of half-Orc, Scro and other Orcish descended peoples under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (61.01% male, 38.99% female), 2.5% Offworld Gnome (49.15% male, 50.85% female), 2.5% Goblin - inclusive of goblin, hobgoblin and bugbear peoples under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (67.75% male, 32.25% female), 2.5% Reptilian Derived Persons - of draconic, kobold, lizardfolk or troglodyte derivation under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (42.19% male, 57.81% female), 2.5% Upper Planar Individuals - inclusive of angels, azatas, aasimar and other persons of Upper Planar origin, as defined under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (54.98% male identified, 45.02% female identified), 2.5% Lower Planar Individuals - inclusive of demons, devils, tieflings and other persons of Lower Planar origin, as defined under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (78.15% male identified, 21.85% female identified), 2.5% Elemental Planar Indviduals - inclusive of genies, elementals and other persons of Elemental Planar origin, as defined under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (41.35% male identified, 38.45% female identified, 20.20% gender defiant individuals), 2.5% Animalfolk - inclusive of catfolk, ratkin and other persons of an Anthropomorphic Animal origin, as defined under the Derivative Bloodline Act - (24.44% male, 75.56% female), Persons of Interest - Chief Electorate to the Allkind, Rossel Embersailor - Elected to B'sesuat's top office in 1400 Promise, Rossel is the first Drow Elf on Tinris to hold a significant public office. A venerable yet cunning politician who retired from a career in sanctioned privateering in the World Navy 50 years before entering politics, Rossel has secured a position of prosperity for his constituents. While fond of 'jamming metaphors mixed with a heavy dose of Drow idiom, when he gets seriously engaged in a conversation he becomes nearly unintelligible without translation assistance. Le Harrowmoor, Halfling Deity of Music - First of the Ascension Coterie, Le Harrowmoor maintains a Patron-like presence in the outlying settlement of Tangent. When asked why She settled here, she merely smiled and said that