The Dalerunner, also called: Ilfander, Ilfandra, One-From-Two, Lifebringer, and Sunlighter. The Dalerunner was the primary Patron not only of the Halflings, but of Tinris itself. Having been corrupted by Agency, She was slain by Colonel Sheba Kuklophemus aboard WNS Mozdanhorzon on 109/1,524/Promise.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

Some say that Tinris is the physical manifestation of Ilfandra’s bounty, and while varying opinions exist it is accepted as fact that without Ilfandra, Tinris would not exist. This is not only doctrine, but fact. Ilfandra found and laid claim to the previously untamed crystal sphere in which Tinris was subsequently created. And by sheer willpower and Divine Investiture is responsible for moving it out of the space lanes many millenia ago.

Ilfander is a dual aspected Greater Deity, with both aspects sharing equal responsibility of Patronage. Worship of Ilfander and Ilfandra normally takes place under the open sky at noon. Such rites include song, dance and the sharing of copious amounts of food and drink. Clerics of Ilfander normally wear a light cloth of gold mantle with extensive silver embroidery and Clerics of Ilfandra wear cloth of silver mantles with gold stitchery.

Ilfandra’s feminine portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Halflings, mothers, midwives and the elderly. Ilfander’s masculine portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Halflings, craftspeople, traders and lorekeepers. Domains: Community, Sun, Healing, Luck. Ilfander is a Neutral Good deity. Ilfander in the masculine has a solar disc as His symbol. Ilfandra in the feminine has a holed stone as Her symbol. The favored weapon for both aspects is the dual-ended spear.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Ilfander and Ilfandra often take the form of simple and short entreaties to call upon a desired action or trait, brief blessings and bursts of profanity: “Ilfander’s patience” “Allmother’s strength with you” “Sunlighter’s bright cunt!”

Places sacred to Ilfander and Ilfandra are often open and exposed to the sun, with standing calendrical stones being holy places scattered across Oryton like the blocks of a child deity. Less common on Estryn and Pasyd, these menhir are definitely Halfling-made, topping off at eye level for an Orc or Human person and slightly smaller than an Elf. Each stone is lovingly carved with the prayers and invocations of their crafters.

Avatars of Ilfander and Ilfandra are always subject to change but they always appear as one individual of a specific sexual identification, and it is not at all uncommon for Him/Her to walk the face of the world in the form of an unassuming mortal and spread Ilfandrazenaren doctrine. This has led, in the wake of the Great War, to an increase in Halfling civility and civilization as one can never be certain whether or not their neighbor is in fact their Patron.

The Dalerunner's Herald Messenger was a red-haired female Planetar named Lightbearer whose aura is palpable and nearly blinding, armed with a dual-tipped spear.

Fall, Death and LegacyEdit

While initially a highly guarded secret, the final days of the life of the Dalerunner have recently become declassified. During the start of open conflict with Agents of the Void, the Dalerunner in Her Ilfandra aspect appeared to Sheba Kuklophemus aboard WNS Bright Star to address matters of prophecy. At that time, it is documented that the Purifier Isaac Childson observed the Dalerunner and uncertain of Her identity, assensed for Agency. Stunned by the presence of a deity incarna, Childson was unable to report this information until after the Dalerunner had departed.

In the period immediately following this discovery, many of the faithful of the Dalerunner found themselves becoming more and more at odds with Tinrisian society as Agency began to spread through the clergy and laity like a plague. Within the span of a few days, many high ranking members of the faith had barricaded themselves and their flocks in confined spaces and began to commit a series of atrocities. These culminated with the destruction of the Tenigo Carisar Arcology by means of an unknown weapon of mass destruction and attendant evacuation of 2,000,000 refugees effected by WNS Bright Hope.

While very few details of the Dalerunner's final days are known, the fact of Her death was clearly communicated by Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon upon his return to Known Space from a voyage across the Dark Heart of Space on diplomatic duties to the Persean Concord. Prior even to the announcement, mass riots had begun to sweep every settlement with a significant Halfling population. Shortly after the announcement, however, all vested clerics of the Dalerunner promptly vanished. Further information on this phenomenon is not available as of this time.