Colloquially known as "The Confed", the Gnomish Confederated Demarchy is a group of 8 loosely associated member states under the banner of Holinex the Polychromatic, Gnomish Patron. Encompassing N'tofeag Arcology, Delvehaven Arcology, and the entire Menelstune Mountains Metropolitan Statistical Area, the Confed is well protected by a pair of barrier ranges to both north and south which provide not only native natural resources, but through a cleverly tuned nexus to the Elemental Plane of Earth. Government - Demarchy. Anakarasha Wonderchaser, Gnome Deity of Mischief, is attributed with the creation of the Great Confed Lottery. It is further alleged that this was her apotheotic work. In actuality, however, the Great Confed Lottery was created by an unknown group of Gnomes living in the Menelstune Mountains during an anti-Hegemony rally. The Great Confed Lottery works on a simple principle. All Gnomes of Tinris are eligible. Every 5 years, on Calibration (the first day of the year) the Selection Minister draws the names of 9 Gnomes from a list (in recent years from a randomizing census engine) and these individuals are elected to a term of no more than 5 years. To ensure smoother transition from one government to the next, a period of one half year is provided to both incoming and outgoing officials. Similar, in some ways, to the Tenigo Carisar gerontocracy, this council of 9 enters power on the first day of Summer and serves for the proceeding 5 year period. It is generally agreed that this form of government prevents not only stagnation, but also promotes the sense of individuality Tinrisian Gnomes are well known for. One former council member is on record as saying "It (our system of government) encourages politeness. You never know who the next council members are going to be, and they might remember a slight and bring the force of government down upon even the most petty of trivialities." The Confederated States of Totereve, Halerone, Omitece, Nosafume, Dimehowa, Cofihemo, Nemenome and Nytinoce serve as member states to the Confederated Demarchy. Each member state maintains its own private government as it sees fit, though each government also owes fealty directly to the Confederated Demarchy as an umbrella government. Foundation - Given the exceptional fecundity of the Gnomish race on Tinris, emphasized to almost comedic proportions during the Reproductive Mandate, two Arcologies were built for the Gnomes during the Era of Hegemony. The GCD proper, however, traces its foundation to 145 Ascension when the first Confed Lottery was held on Calibration of that year. Population - 4,019,002,226 as of recent census of permanent residents and ongoing data accretion. Of these, 1,998,751,200 reside within N'tofeag Arcology, 1,005,010,334 reside within Delvehaven Arcology, and the remaining 1,015,240,692 reside within settlements throughout the Menelstune Mountain MSA. Population density is divided as follows: 94.95% Gnome (52.55% male, 47.45% female) 2.92% Halfling (70.15% male, 29.85% female) 1.19% Dwarf (12.50% male, 87.50% female) 0.15% Elf (42.10% male, 57.90% female) and 0.79% Non-native permanent residents from a variety of species. Persons of Interest - Chief Council to the Gnomish Confederated Demarchy Jyrgal Wickersham - Selected to office in 1518, Jyrgal's term will end next Calibration. Nonetheless, he serves with a zeal for the public good which - to this day - causes some to wonder if the randomness with which he was selected was truly as random as possible. Through careful and meticulous effort, Jyrgal is happy, one might say overjoyed, to expound upon his lineage which he claims can be directly traced back to the First Gnome and the (long vanished) town of Muffin's Honor. He has been able to recite this extensive pedigree within one hour, though more often than not he approaches loss of conciousness by such an act. Holinex the Polychromatic - Like all other Tinrisian Patrons, Holinex Herself has a modest residence in a suite of apartments located in the heart of Delvehaven Arcology.