Humans of Tinris are considered a derived race.

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Humans on Tinris would appear to have – over the course of the last two thousand years evolved -or as their forebears would have it devolved from Orcs. As such, most Orcs consider Humankind to be some form of deformity and/or weakness. While required by law to provide them equal status, in practice they are at best second class citizens. The actuality of their origins is much more, and less, complex. The Humans of Tinris are a genetic off-shoot from Half-Orcs travelling space who – through long millenia of interbreeding of ‘True Orcs’ and ‘Half-Orcs’ – have had the human genome manifest as dominant once again. Some Loremasters also suggest that there was some form of divine Sponsorship involved, as is the case with almost every True Race on Tinris. Humans themselves have not spoken of such a Sponsor, growing quiet and withdrawn whenever the subject is raised. While the Humans consider themselves a seperate species, they still use the Orcish word for their race. They are still bound by Barnatím cultural norms and laws. Some Humans have struck out for Oryton, and a small settlement on that continent has begun to thrive despite the massive differences in culture and climate. Halfmen, as the hybrid offspring of Human and Halfling are called, grow more common with each passing year.

Humans bear remarkable physical similarity to Orcs, even after splintering off genetically. As such, they have powerful forms and their skin, hair and eye coloration is in the same range as that of Orcs. Their lifespans, however, are more similar to Elves of Tinris, thereby rendering them typical in lifespan when compared to Humans elsewhere in the multiverse.

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