Ilfmorphic is the abbreviated, colloquial term for an Ilfandrazenarenmorphic creature.


The admittedly unwieldy word Ilfandrazenarenmorphic derives from the Tinrisian linguistic custom which considers all bipedal sophonts demi-Halflings, where most other linguistic customs would use the word demi-Humans.

As such, it might be considered a logical step that something created in the image of a demi-Halfling would bear the full race name of the Halfling people - Ilfandrazenaren.


The first successfully decanted Ilfmorphic creature - an Ilfmorphic weasel designated GWSP-57 and later renamed Amble - was a product of the Gnomeworks in the year 691 of the Era of Promise.

Originally an offshoot of the project that created Nontraditional Intelligence Units (NIU's), the Ilfmorphic project was given authority to proceed with creation of a wholly organic, wholly artificial, self-propagating sophont race.