Muiustor (MWEE-us-tor) plural Muiustori (MWEE-us-tor-ee), is the Yazri word used to refer to the Boost species derived from the species Muiusto, native to Leszocoir Prime (the primary world of the Leszocoir System/Valdurir Subsector/Bilaam Sector/Almnatuk Galaxy/Perseus Cluster). Much of the physiognomy of the original species was kept due to the species inherent adaptability and resilience. Muiustor are most commonly described - primarily by Humans - as Ratyotes as they combine many of the classical physiological attributes of both the species Rattus Rattus and the species Canis Latrans.


A typical Muiustor is between 1.29 meters and 1.32 meters in height when standing fully erect (though most individuals tend to adopt a hunched posture conducive to rapid movement) and weighs between 10kg and 14kg. Muscle tone tends toward the lithe end of the Yazri-normal spectrum. A thin, bushy tail provides stabilization while running, climbing or jumping.

The entire body is covered in a coat of varying density, composed of hollow-shaft hairs between 10mm and 30mm in length. As with most mammalian Boosts, thinning of the pelt around flexion points tends to be thinner. Unlike many other mammalian Boosts, however, Muiustor do not show any trend towards development of a mane or any other unusually long hair on the head. A Muiustor's pelt serves not only the standard functions of body warmth and protection from the elements, but also acts as a unique identification system as each Muiustor's pelt carries a subtly different pattern. Additionally, a Muiustor's coat serves as visual camouflage (e.g. A Muiustor from a primarily arctic environment would have a white-gradient coloration pattern). Iris coloration tends to conform to coat coloration as an evolutionary concealment trait.


Muiustor culture is something of a misnomer, though a true sense of racial identity and its ensuing cultural upswing is definitely beginning to gain momentum. Groups of Muiustor, called skrik in their own language and covenants in Galactic Standard, tend to be gregarious when amongst their own kind and variably withdrawn amongst other races.