Oryton, meaning “Bright Land” is a tropical continent 350 km wide in a belt around the world's former equatorial region. The Halfling name for the continent comes from the fact that it is literally impossible for either sun to not shine thereon.


Oryton's geography has changed greatly in the wake of the Era of Collapse and its attendant devestation. Formerly an unbroken band encircling Tinris' equator, the somewhat more splintered continent is now at a 6.1 degree axial tilt from the geographical equator.

The total land area covered by Oryton is 15,272,299.5 km2 , with 88.52% of the surface area being land and 11.48% being water in the forms of lakes, rivers and other waterways.

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This continent is the primary home of the Halfling race, though other races are represented in an extreme minority. The weather is tropical for the entire year, leading to a distinct lack of Halfling words for seasonal change. Weather patterns tend towards stability, though sweeping thunderstorms with accompanying rainfall are not uncommon, occuring roughly twice to four times per month. These thunderstorms tend to generate an atmosphere of celebration, as it is this weather which allows for crop growth and prosperity. As there is never a winter season, crops grow year round. Given the equatorial climate, this is the only continent commonly found to produce plants such as coffee, cocoa, and other luxury items that Halflings consider common. Druids are common to the larger wild areas, and often assist in the herding and culling of local fauna to feed the people of Oryton. Each Halfling settlement on Oryton is self-governing and self-sufficient, though communication between the wide-flung cities, towns and villages does exist.