Rinbauldes Ohan Irontree, born 1/603/Promise is a Halfling scientist, researcher, diplomat, ambassador and Nontraditional Intelligence rights activist. He is considered one of the primogenitors of Nontraditional Intelligence and is is currently Head of Special Projects (Chief SPECPROJ) for the Gnomeworks, Professor In Extraordinary at Carisar University at Tangent, Knight-Machinist to the Noble Elven Kingdom of T'lassas and Chairman of the Demarchy Sophont Rights Organization (DSRO).

He has previously served as Professor In Ordinary with Carisar University at Tangent, Professor In Ordinary with Carisar University at Tenigo Carisar, and Ambassador In Ordinary for the Council of Tenigo Carisar.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Born in Nytinoce, Gnomish Confederated Demarchy to Rory Irontree (Professor Archmagus In Ordinary with Menelstune University at Fawdant) and Amaranth (Née Tealeaf) Irontree (Professor In Extraordinary of Doctrinal Philosophy with Menelstune University at Fawdant) on Calibration in the year 603, Era of Promise, Rinbauldes was groomed for a career in education or science from a young age. At the age of 67, he gained admission to the Menelstune School for the Gifted - one of one hundred students accepted for the decade 670-680 Promise.

In 681 Promise, he was accepted into Carisar University as a Candidate for Exceptional Studies.