The designated name for the T'denier Arcology and the Metropolis of Tenigo Carisar which it provides as a Metropolitan Statistical Area. Located centrally on the continent of Oryton, the new coastlines, previously hundreds of kilometers distant from Carisar's traditional boundaries, now lap gently at the edges of T'denier Arcology itself. Government - Gerontocracy. The Tenigo Carisar Eldest, a group of 9 of the most senior Halflings on Tinris, rule as the force of government despite repeated attempts to depose and/or legislate to the contrary. Foundation - Having been built upon the ruins of Second Carisar, Tenigo Carisar has the most direct claim to Era of Conflict founding. Population - 3,514,221,143 as of recent census of permanent residents and ongoing data accretion. Of these, 3,191,433,910 reside within T'denier Arcology proper and the remaining 322,787,233 reside within the nearby satellite community of Tenigo Carisar. Population density is divided as follows: 83.12% Halfling (29.88% male, 70.12% female) 4.10% Dwarven (53.91% male, 46.09% female) 1.05% Orc (64.09% male, 35.91% female) 1.93% Gnome (52.55% male, 47.45% female) 3.1% Human (50.91% male, 49.09% female) 0.6% Elven (31.88% male, 68.12% female) 6.1% Non-native permanent residents from a variety of species. Persons of Interest - Ilfandra Dalerunner Herself maintains her official residence within a palatial set of apartments in the center of the city. While most faithful of Ilfandra serve Her in Her feminine aspect, a growing number of male followers have flocked to the Dalerunner's masucline banner of recent years. As chief of the Patrons, the Dalerunner is in high demand among both her followers, the laity and the common folk of Tenigo Carisar. Aintza Tealeaf - Matron of Tealeaf Industries Incorporated, Tinris' second largest business entity after Barllukdenr Holdings Inc. While remaining active within Tinrisian social circles, most people know of her only by reputation. Aintza is always surrounded by a veritable army of private security forces and rarely engages in private meetings with anyone who she feels does not meet her social and/or business standing. Places of Interest - Dawning Square - Long ago determined obsolete for time-keeping purposes, The Square remains a reasonably popular tourist and tryst destination. Reachable only by land due to legacy legislation protecting its airspace, Dawning Square now lingers on mostly in legends. It is here that the Dalerunner reasserted Her rightful place as chief of the Patrons by performing The Dawning Miracle, and a statue of her now stands where legend holds that weapons of war once claimed center stage.