The designated name for the T'panyet Arcology and the city of Fawdant. This settlement region also includes the civilian population - primarily support staff, diplomatic enclaves and other resources - of Fawdant Down spaceport, whereas the military population are considered to be jurisdictionally independent of the Commonwealth's government. Located in the northwestern portion the new Fawyet peninsula, T'panyet is sheltered in what was once the Ordocar Valley - a bowl shaped valley pouring out onto the rest of the peninsula at the southeastern corner. Government - Theocracy. In the year 501 Ascension, the newly ascended Jakar Smithson made a bid for Patronage. Conflict raged among the faithful of both Jakar and Joshua and blood ran thick in formerly tight knit communities. In the aftermath of Jakar's exile from Tinris and the exodus of His followers, Joshua Lawchild declared a new government unto Himself. Members of other faiths clamored against what appeared to be a Human supremacy movement, which was only checked by the appointment and acceptance of a conclave of non-Human Hierarchs. Since that time, the Lawchild's faith and government have claimed sole responsibility for the New Commonwealth. Foundation - During the Era of Collapse, the Era of Law city of Fawdant was abandoned in a mass exodus. After scuttling the ships of the World Navy, it was decided to refound Fawdant 200km northwest of its original site in the valley of Ordocar. As this area was already starting to show signs of predominant Human population, an exodus of Orcs struck out for a new homeland and left the Fawdant region to their derived offspring. Population - 2,100,001,221 as of recent census of permanent residents and ongoing data accretion. Of these, 2,009,156,200 reside within T'panyet Arcology proper and the remaining 90,845,021 reside within the nearby satellite community of Fawdant Ordocar. Population density is divided as follows: 53.11% Tinris Native Human (39.12% male, 60.88% female), 10.80% Tinris Native Halfling (82.15% male, 17.85% female) 8.01% Tinris Native Dwarf (55.99% male, 44.01% female) 10.22% Tinris Native Orc (42.11% male, 57.89% female) 10.51 Tinris Native Gnome (56.19% male, 43.81% female) 1.2% Tinris Native Elf (71.98% male, 28.02% female) and 11.16% Non-native permanent residents from a variety of species. Persons of Interest - Joshua Lawchild, Human Patron, holds court primarily in a set of rooftop apartment suites atop T'panyet Arcology. Presiding over what some call a cult of personality, Joshua grants audience regularly to members of His church and handles the bulk of affairs of state. In the absence of the Godhead Himself, Joshua's Exarch presides instead. Leon Ceblirien, Librarian In Ordinary, serves as the Librarian to Fawdant's Great Library. One of a select few mortals granted the gift of agelessness by a concensus of the Pantheon, Leon is a venerable human who has served in his current position since the Era of Sunrise and despite being completely blind, is able to direct visitors and students to any record, book or tome that they might require. Rumor also has it that he still adventures with Librarians in training from time to time. Places of Interest - Ordocar Keep - Declared a Historical Site in 1,200 Promise, Ordocar Keep remains a vital training area for the Ordocar Elite, a supranational paramilitary organization founded on the principles of the Ordocar Knights. Fawdant Down - The beating heart of the Tinris World Navy, Fawdant Down is a vital set of facilities and their outlying communities. Covering nearly 10,000 acres and situated 20km distant from Fawdant Ordocar's business district to reduce noise pollution, Fawdant Down services an average of 25 spacefaring vessels daily. As the primary stepping off point to and from Tinrisspace and also handling the majority of Wildspace import and export, Fawdant Down is the most heavily policed geographical region on the planet with a full 25% of its permanent residents serving as military security forces.