Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps logo

The Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps the spacefaring warfare and special operations branch of the Tinris Armed Forces and one of the five global uniformed services of Tinris.


The Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps traces its origins back to the Era of Reunification and to the efforts of the Hegemony and their oceangoing Hegemony Marine Force. With the overwhelming success of specialized rapidly deployed combatants operating on a global scale, an effort was made to mobilize a similar force in Wildspace.

Rank StructureEdit

Any review of Wildspace Marine Corps rank structure should involve at least passing mention that the entirety of the Wildspace Marine rank structure is interlocked between the Corps and the Tinris World Navy. (e.g. A Wildspace Marine Major (O-3) outranks a Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2) While this is held true in policy, most officers of the Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps defer this privilege and yield to any ranking officer of the World Navy.

Additionally, it may be noted that the rank structure of enlisted Wildspace Marines lacks the depth of enlisted World Navy sailors. This simplicity of hierarchy dates back to a historic wager between General Zella Muirgen and Admiral of the Fleet Teofila Herut, though little information exists beyond the impact upon Wildspace Marine enlisted rank structure.

As of 1,524 Promise, the official rank structure of the Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps is as follows: