A Tinrisian World Law is any of the defining divine mandates which allow Tinris to continue functioning, enhance the quality of life of its people, provide protection against certain events coming to pass, or otherwise carries the full force of divine will in a binding format.

Word OriginEdit

There is very little debate over what differentiates a Law from a law. This is not to trivialize the latter, nor to give the former any undue elevation, but simply to distinguish a piece of legislation backed by divine mandate (a Law) from one that is not. Careful attention is paid to ensure that improper capitalization or emphasis is not placed on either term, and while the penalty for typographical error has been reduced from a capital offense to a high felony there are few in the field of jurisprudence willing to make such an error.

Cultural ImportanceEdit

The force of Law is often considered to be the primary concern of the Orc Patron deity, Barnatim Lawbringer . Nonetheless, all true deities - Patron or Planar - of Tinris may draft and lobby for support of a Tinrisian World Law.

According to the Tome of Law at the Great Library of Fawdant - many of the foundations of Tinris itself are based on a divinely backed set of world Laws. These Laws, such as the Law of Patronage , the Law of Dawning Suns, the Law of Divine Manifestation, and the Law of Immigration allowed for the deities of the Era of Dawntime to begin the work of populating the world with life, work peaceably with one another and to complete their apotheosis.

In the wake of these Laws, the more banal laws of mortals took on greater significance.