Yazri, when used to refer to a race, is the Galactic Standard term for a race of sentients in the Perseus Cluster. For information on their culture, see Yazri (Culture), for information on their language, see Yazri (Language).


Yazri are a symmetrical bipedal race. An average Yazri stands between 1.6 and 2.0 meters in height and weighs between 60 and 90 kilograms. They have long arms and legs and slender torsos. The most pronounced difference between Yazri and many other Persean races lies within the presence of a patagium. By extending their arms over their heads and through subtle manipulation they are capable of short gliding actions under the right conditions. Yazri have muzzles and high foreheads, giving them an primate-like appearance. Their heads are surrounded by manes and collars of hair, which varies in color from glossy black to pale blonde. Their skin color ranges from gray to Iight tan, though most of their skin surface is covered in a variably dense fur, most commonly of a coloration matching the underlying skin. Yazri extremeties have four knuckles (one more than Humans). The inside toe is opposed in a manner similar to a thumb, allowing them to grasp things with their feet. The tips of their fingers and toes end in broad, ribbed pads, giving them an excellent grip.


Yazri are possessed of exceptional perceptive ability. Their senses of hearing, smell and taste are equivalent to a human's. Because they are believed to have evolved from nocturnal hunters, however, their eyes are heavily adapted to seeing in dim light. An absence of light, however, leaves them as effectively blind as it would a Human. They usually wear dark goggles when they must work in sunlight or other high intensity full spectrum light. In such conditions, if not wearing dark goggles, a Yazri suffers mild to moderate physical discomfort and effective blindness.


Tracing the history of the Yazri race is rather simple. They still maintain a significant presence within their historical home system, the Lusmerir System (Lusmerir System/Troasbai Subsector/Looartro Sector/Riaoshlaria Galaxy/Perseus Cluster). While little is known of their deeper origins for a multitude of reasons, Yazri have provided documentation to the Concord Central Database that suggests that they evolved from nocturnal predators on the primary world Lep, a Merzel-class World of the Lusmerir System.